Restorative Dentistry

The truth is that most of us aren’t able to go through life without experiencing some kind of issue with our smile. Whether it’s something as simple as a cavity or complex as a tooth that’s missing altogether, the last thing you need is to feel judged or embarrassed – instead, find the support you’ve been searching for at Little Smiles Dentistry! We feel strongly about helping patients of all ages achieve smiles that are both healthy and beautiful, and restorative dentistry is the first step toward reaching that goal. By taking the time to learn about your needs, we can recommend a treatment option that best fits your unique situation. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Our available restorative dentistry solutions include:

• Tooth-Colored Fillings
• Crowns
• Bridges
• Dental Implants
• Dentures
• Root Canal Treatment
• Extractions/Oral Surgery

Tooth Loss Solutions
Having gaps in your smile isn’t just a strain on your self-confidence – it can also lead to further oral health problems if left untreated for too long. At Little Smiles Dentistry, we provide several options that can seamlessly restore missing teeth and leave you with a rejuvenated look. Dental Implants are usually our first choice for treatment, as they’re the most advanced method available today, with several valuable health benefits to offer. We can both place and restore implants in our office, which saves you from the travel and time commitment that goes into finding an outside specialist. Of course, some patients prefer the affordability and relative speed of dental bridges and/or dentures. Dr. Nguyen or another member of her team will be happy to sit down with you after an initial exam and discuss your needs and concerns in more detail so that we can be sure to select the method that works best for you.

How do dental implants work?
Dental implants stand out when it comes to the crucial art of teeth replacement because they provide something vital that other choices don’t – a new tooth root. When your natural tooth dies, its root does as well, and without anything to stimulate it, your jawbone begins to deteriorate in turn, which can lead to additional oral health problems in the future. Implants solve this problem by relying on a small, titanium post that is inserted directly into the empty socket. This post replicates the function of a tooth root by helping to maintain and even rejuvenate your jaw tissue!

What can I expect from the dental implants process?
At Little Smiles Dentistry, we handle every step of your implants procedure, from surgery to restoration, in one convenient location so as to ensure your comfort. First, we’ll place a post (the new “root”) into your empty socket so that it can organically merge with your jawbone over a healing period, creating a sturdy foundation. Once this has occurred, you’ll return so that we can place a customized, lifelike crown on top of the post, completing your new look.

Dental implants have an incredibly high success rate of over 95%, and in many cases, they go on to last for a lifetime, as long as they cared for properly – no major lifestyle changes required! You’ll be amazed by how sturdy, durable, and lifelike they feel.

Endodontic Care
Some patients believe that the only way to deal with their severely damaged or decayed tooth is to have it extracted by our office. With root canal therapy from our skilled endodontist, we can save many of these teeth instead and even restore them to full form and function. You’ll be amazed by how long-lasting the results are!

Contact Little Smiles Dentistry today to schedule an appointment with our staff. We love seeing families of all sizes and helping them to achieve excellent oral health together!